I saw the maternal fetal medicine doc today. He did normal measurements and checked both babies out. He also re-examined both hearts because at the last appt, one baby wasn't very cooperative. He said both hearts look perfect. :) Both babies look great. Killian is about 1 lb, and Sawyer is about 1 lb 1 oz.

They have moved . . . yay!!! Killian is head down, but Sawyer is head up. They still have time to move, but I'm just glad they aren't transverse anymore!!

Still doing the weekly progesterone shots . . . ouch . . . but everything looks so great, I don't have to see this doc again for 6 weeks! At that time, he'll start measuring the babies every couple weeks because twins can sometimes grow at different rates, and he wants to make sure they continue to grow on the curve.

I have an OB appt in 2 weeks and another ultrasound. :) Never get tired of looking at these babies . . .
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Here are the most recent ultrasound pics.

Baby A is Killian Samuel, and baby B is Sawyer Lee. 



Both boys - you can see their stomachs in this pic.


They are laying on top of each other laying opposite. So they are kicking each other in the head all the time! The ultrasound lady let us sit and watch for a while, and we saw Sawyer kick Killian in the head, and Sawyer punched Killian back!! It was too funny . . . and probably a glimpse of what's to come!!!
I have wanted to start a blog to follow my pregnancy with the twins for a while, but I kept waiting for another milestone.

We found out we were pregnant on my 36th birthday!! Definitely the best birthday present ever!! We had been trying for almost 2 years to get pregnant again. I have PCOS and don't ovulate regularly and had laproscopic surgery over the summer to open a blocked tube. My reproductive endocrinologist (RE) decided to put me on 100 mg of Clomid to help me ovulate, and to our surprise, I had 4 follicles. We did the HCG trigger shot on October 7th and prayed that a couple of those eggs would fertilize (and not all 4!!!).

After the blood test confirmed we were pregnant, I slowly watched my numbers rise, and FAST!!! I suspected twins from the beginning and asked my RE for an ultrasound to check for multiples. At 7 weeks and 3 days, ultrasound confirmed my beliefs, and we were overjoyed at the news that we were expecting two miracles.

I had to wait a month for a second ultrasound. I prayed for both babies to be okay. I read a lot on vanishing twin syndrome and worried about it daily. It was such a relief to see both babies swimming around with beautiful heartbeats at the next ultrasound.

I see my OB and maternal fetal medicine doctor each every 4 weeks. So basically, every 2 weeks, I get an ultrasound and visit to the doctor. But the fun doesn't end there!!! I also get weekly progesterone shots because I have a history of preterm labor (son was born at 35 weeks and daughter born at 33 weeks). I am at much higher risk now with twins. So they keep an extra close eye on me!

On January 13th, we found out that baby B was definitely a boy, and baby A was probably a boy. This was verified the following week!!

So you see, I kept waiting for something else exciting to happen before starting the blog!! Now I'm over half-way through, and I figure it's about time!!!