Progesterone shots are going well . . . painful . . . and my hips are full of tiny bruises in different stages of healing . . . but well, I suppose!!!

I am about the size of a normal pregnancy of 31 weeks already. I don't think I got this big with Emily . . . and definitely not with Ethan! The nurse must not look at my chart before she gives me my shot. She asked if the baby (single) was moving around. Then she looked at me and said, "Oh, you should be almost done with these shots, huh??" Uhh . . . no . . . I'm 23 weeks, and I am scheduled to have them through 36 weeks!!! I'm really waiting for the "OMG, you are huge. Are you sure there aren't twins in there?" comment. That will be fun . . . LOL

Oddly, this pregnancy seems easier than the other two. Ethan's was pretty easy, but Emily was not. (Clearly, that was just a glimpse of what was to come!!!!) I still have back pain, have a hard time sleeping, and leg cramps have started, but I'm more worried at every pain that something is happening more than being uncomfortable.

Everyone in the family has felt the boys kicking. Emily is fascinated by it!!

Kevin said something the other day about having more kids after this. Ethan piped up and said, "Mommy is done after this pregnancy. We think 4 kids is more than enough!!" LOL Such a funny (and smart) little man . . . :)

Shopping is in full swing!! We have almost everything we need (big items) for these two. I got Emily a new carseat (Frontier) because she is giving her Marathon to one of the boys (just need to get a new cover so he's not sitting in the floral print seat!!). I got another Marathon for the other one when they are out of the infant carriers. I bought 2 infant carriers (that's going to get heavy!!) as well as a double stroller (still want a Bob Revolution Duallie, though!!!) and swing. We have Emily's jumper and exersaucer (thank goodness!!), and I bought 2 cribs long ago (couldn't pass up a $99 deal per crib!!!). We got a mini-playpen for the camper (to use during our move). We are using cloth diapers again, and I have purchased most of what we need there, as well. Of course, the closet is already starting to fill up with adorable outfits, but I'm finding it's going to be much easier to have 1 outfit that 2 kids can share (different times, obviously)!!! I found a twin nursing pillow on Ebay. Oh, and I found my diaper bag!!! It's a Bumble Bag (Natalie style - made for multiples). It's HUGE . . . and I got it on Craigslist brand new for about 1/3 of the retail price!!!

Can't forget the car!! We got a VW Routan to fit the whole family. It's a great car!! I love it!! The kids love it, too, but only because it has 2 DVD players in it!!

And who said twins would be expensive!!! LOL


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