I saw the maternal fetal medicine doc today. He did normal measurements and checked both babies out. He also re-examined both hearts because at the last appt, one baby wasn't very cooperative. He said both hearts look perfect. :) Both babies look great. Killian is about 1 lb, and Sawyer is about 1 lb 1 oz.

They have moved . . . yay!!! Killian is head down, but Sawyer is head up. They still have time to move, but I'm just glad they aren't transverse anymore!!

Still doing the weekly progesterone shots . . . ouch . . . but everything looks so great, I don't have to see this doc again for 6 weeks! At that time, he'll start measuring the babies every couple weeks because twins can sometimes grow at different rates, and he wants to make sure they continue to grow on the curve.

I have an OB appt in 2 weeks and another ultrasound. :) Never get tired of looking at these babies . . .


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